Professors Without Borders

Who We Are

Professors Without Borders works to improve teacher mobility around the world so that every student can experience a dedicated, professional and inspiring learning environment that will fire them up for their next stages in life. We empower students to confidently engage with the world and make it a better place, starting with their immediate environment.

To achieve these objectives, Professors Without Borders focuses on skills-building such as entrepreneurship, communications and writing skills, financial literacy, team-work and confidence-building. These skills help prepare students to be high-achieving contributors to society, whether through their own entrepreneurial vision or when working with a company. Our global network of talented educators are specialists in their fields and excited to share their love for learning with their students.

All countries need talent to develop, and they need this talent at home. While we cannot reverse the brain drain, we can target local talent and contribute to their academic and professional development through capacity building.

What our charity is doing is ambitious as well as important. We are modernising education and inspiring change where it is needed the most.

– Andrew Denton 

Professors Without Borders Chair 

Professors Without Borders was co-founded by Dr Caroline Varin, barrister Majeks Walker and Tessy Antony de Nassau in 2016.

If you would like to support our work, please consider making a donation. Alternatively, for more information or to get involved – contact us.