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Our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

At Professors Without Borders, we’re excited to introduce our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, an online programme designed for the young, ambitious minds of today. Catering to students aged 16-25 from diverse academic backgrounds, this bootcamp is a melting pot of innovation, strategy, and real-world business skills.

The Bootcamp is an intensive two-week online programme where students will ultimately collaborate in small teams to develop a mock business proposal. It begins with a series of workshops that will develop the skills needed to create and communicate a comprehensive business plan. The programme culminates with students presenting their professional pitches to a ‘Dragons’ Den’ panel, showcasing their innovative business idea.

Our Pilot with Ford

Our pilot Entrepreneurship Bootcamp was sponsored by Ford Motor Credit Company. The initial programme ran between 20-29th September, 2023 with 80 students and now serves as the foundational model for our current programme. 

In the pilot programme, students developed business proposals that addressed issues related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

At the Dragons’ Den these were presented to two panels of judges composed of executives from Ford Credit. Students who attended 80% of the program were awarded a Certificate of Achievement. 

What Kinds of skills will we learn?

Master the art of articulating ideas clearly, persuasively and effectively. This includes mastering verbal and written communication skills, developing compelling storytelling techniques, and using data and visuals to support your presentations. The Bootcamp presents the opportunity for you to listen actively, respond thoughtfully to feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions with your peers, and the ‘Dragons’ Den’ panel. 

Learn to lead with vision and integrity. Guide small teams, make strategic decisions, and motivate others towards achieving a common goal. You will not only learn to lead during the Bootcamp but will attain the leadership qualities necessary for your future entrepreneurial ventures and professional growth.

Adopt a problem-solving approach that fosters innovation. The Bootcamp will introduce you to the five stage process to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. Through this approach you will learn to think about problems from the perspective of your potential users. This ensures your business proposals are appropriately matched with the real needs of your userbase.


Understand the financial aspects of running a successful business. The Bootcamp covers basic financial concepts such as budgeting, forecasting, financial sustainability and more. You will learn how to to develop a financial model for your business that demonstrates how to allocate resources efficiently, secure funding, and ensure long-term viability and growth of your ventures.

Learn to anticipate and prepare for various future scenarios. Create resilient and flexible strategies with the ability to navigate the uncertainties and complexities of the global market and societal changes. The Bootcamp will train you to identify emerging trends, potential innovations, and risks that could impact your ventures.

Align your business goals with global sustainability standards. Businesses are increasingly required to demonstrate social responsibility and environmental sustainability to attract investment. The Bootcamp will provide you with a global perspective on complex societal, environmental, and economic challenges. Through new knowledge, perspective, and skills to address the UN SDGs you will create ventures that are innovative, impactful, and sustainable.

What Will You Gain?

Business Strategy and Pitching Skills

Sharpen your ability to strategise and pitch effectively, crucial skills for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial Tools and Methods

Learn cutting-edge techniques and tools in entrepreneurship to turn ideas into successful ventures.

Global Collaboration

Work with and learn from peers worldwide, building your international network.

Our Success With Students

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Hear from our students

"It gave me practical skills essential for my entrepreneurial journey."

"Every day brought a lesson I can use for life. That's been the most enjoyable part."

"Thank you for giving opportunities to learn and upgrade our skills."

Students from our Pilot Programme


Registration for the next Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is opening soon. Please leave your information below if you’d like further details.