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How do our internships work?

  • Internships typically last for a minimum of four months but typically last much longer.
  • Internships are voluntary, they can be part-time or full-time and based around other work or study commitments.
  • Interns design, manage and present a project that is agreed upon together with the Prowibo team.
  • In the past this has included project management for a summer school, creating a website and brand for the organisation, conducting research for one of our ongoing research projects.
  • We offer close guidance and mentoring to all interns. We aim to place our interns in a department that suits their interests, skills and future career aspirations.
  • Interns based in London will have access to workspaces.
  • Perks include networking opportunities, professional development, training, close feedback and long-term friendships!
  • Past interns have gone on to work at businesses and organisations such as Google, the United Nations, PwC, and the Walt Disney Company, among others.
  • After long-term collaboration, our interns are recognised for their contributions and promoted to the position of associate.
A selfie taken by Prowibo Volunteers: Eliza and Rachel with traditional Nepalese art in the background.
Eliza joined Prowibo in 2021 as an intern, One year later she ran our new Nepal partnership and project from start to finish.

What have our previous interns said about us?

"I love how you make time to listen to every team member and consciously create tasks that grow the individual skills of each."

"My time as an intern at Prowibo nurtured not only my skills but also my knowledge, allowing me to bloom with purpose and inspiration in the world of global education.”
“I appreciated every single moment of working with you and the team!”

We welcome talented hard-working individuals who would like to be part of a unique volunteer-led charity and are able to work independently and remotely. If you are interested in applying to the internship program, please send your CV and a brief cover letter outlining what you would like to gain from the internship and how you can contribute to the organisation.

We also advertise specific intern positions on LinkedIn.

interns of PROWIBO

Cynthia Christelle


Stacey Garwe


Scholastique Ineza


Suhaimah Suliman