Professors Without Borders

Prowibo is a Non-Government Organisation and UK-registered charity that specializes in running summer school programmes in emerging countries. We also run a think tank and an online lecture platform.

We are currently funded through generous private donations, our two main donors are Carrier Luxury Holidays and The Dr. Rau Foundation. See Our Donors for more information.

Programmes begin with the invitation of a host institution. We work closely with our host to develop a subject-agnostic and skills-focused programme that suits and benefits their students. Our programmes run according to the LSE Summer School model. Typically the programmes last between three days and two weeks. The programmes consist of several short courses and/or workshops.

We do not focus on specific subjects. Instead, we work closely with the host institution to develop a programme that suits and benefits their students. No prior knowledge required from the students and subjects are developed to be appropriate to the local context.

We also hold various workshops that provide the students with training in soft skills such as entrepreneurship, communications and personal branding. See our Programmes for more information.

Courses are taught in a small classroom setting of no more than 25 students. This classroom size allows for more time and space for personal feedback. During a course, discussion groups are formed and group work is presented. This helps improve many of the core skills we want to convey to our students: teamwork, confidence-building, critical thinking and presentation skills.

Each student will spend between four to six hours per day in course classes with up to two hours of homework each night. All students are supplied with a custom-made textbook that includes all readings for the course. They are also supplied with writing materials (pen and notebook).

Our professors are experienced in teaching university-level courses, programmes are typically aimed at university students. However, no prior knowledge is assumed in a specific course. Our teachers will adapt to the level of the students. The class dynamic also plays a role in shaping the content and pace of the course.

All of our programmes, academic conferences, and online lecture services are provided free of charge and the host institutions are not permitted to charge students or anyone else who attends them. Prowibo covers travel and accommodation expenses for our volunteer lecturers, who teach pro bono.

We want to make our education experiences as accessible as possible. Short courses enable a full immersion into a subject whilst respecting the often busy schedules of our students and volunteer lecturers.

In 2016, we hosted our pilot programme in Freetown and Bo, Sierra Leone. Since then, we have expanded, teaching short courses in Uganda, Thailand, Malaysia, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Nepal. We are always looking for new partners and can teach anywhere in the world, see our Partner With Us page if interested.  

Our courses are taught by academics and professionals who are experts in their fields. All our professors go through a thorough selection process ensuring that we only bring the best and most inspiring people to our students. Furthermore, many professors have come from the world’s leading international organisations, companies and academic institutions, such as the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, the London School of Economics, IED Barcelona, ESPM, Richmond University, the New York Institute of Technology, the University of Cambridge and Regent’s University London.

If you are interested in volunteering with us to teach a short course see our Volunteer With Us page or contact us directly.

The host institution selects up to 25 students to participate in each course. On the other hand, our workshops are open to the general public, according to the host university’s policies and hosting capacity. Some universities have opted to invite parents, lecturers and members of the public while others prefer to keep it for students only. If you are interested in attending a particular programme in your area, please reach out to the host institution.

Prowibo offers volunteer opportunities for individuals at any stage of their career. 

Interested lecturers and experts are encouraged to apply to teach on one of our programmes via Volunteer With Us or for our Online Platform.

Students or recent graduates are welcome to apply for internship positions via Intern With Us.  

Any open volunteer positions within Prowibo will also be advertised on LinkedIn. Donations to our programmes are always welcome. If you would like to make a donation please do so via our Donate button.

For all other enquiries visit the Contact Us page.

No, Prowibo does not facilitate student exchanges.

We are always looking for new partners to deliver short course programmes. We are happy to partner with public or private universities, assuming that our courses will be available to students free of charge. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us your details via the Partner With Us page.