Professors Without Borders


How This helps us

By making a donation to Professors Without Borders (Prowibo), you are helping to promote global education equality and empower students in developing countries to create positive change in their communities. 

All of our programmes and events are delivered free of charge, this is only possible due to the generosity of our donors. Thanks to your donations, Prowibo can continue to deliver quality education experiences to where they are needed most.

Donate through PayPal

Support our work with a recurring or one-off donation through PayPal.

Payroll Donation

Payroll giving is super simple – it’s where your donations come straight out of your salary before tax. That means if you earn a salary and pay 20% tax, and you decide to donate £10 each month to Professors Without Borders through payroll giving, it will only reduce your take-home salary by £8.

We’ve teamed up with GoodPAYE, a charity-owned provider, to make it easy for UK employees to support great causes from your paycheck.

Why give via Payroll donations?

  • It’s easy! Once everything’s sorted, your donations are automatically sent to us.
  • Your donations are tax-free, meaning we get more funds without any extra cost to you.
  • And the best bit? We get 100% your payroll giving donations.


Before we can start taking donations from your salary, we need to check your employer has a payroll giving scheme in place. But don’t worry, once you send in your form, GoodPAYE will begin this process. 

Shop online and raise money

Donate to us effortlessly through our affliate Give as you Live. By simply doing your regular online shopping, you can support Professors Without Borders. Sign up at Give as you Live and select us as your charity of choice. When you shop online with thousands of stores, a percentage of your expenditure is donated to us at no additional cost to you.

Any amount is appreciated

  • £40 covers the average cost* of a student in one of our programmes
  • £300-£500 can cover local expenses for our professors while they are abroad
  • £1,500 covers the costs of one professor teaching abroad for 2 weeks, incl. flights, accommodation, visa, and insurance
  • £5,000 – £8000 covers a full programme, incl. travel and accommodation costs for our professors, plus all teaching and learning equipment

How we spend your donations

0 % on Programme Costs*

*Calculated from all Annual Reports up to 21/22