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About our programme

Professors Without Borders SkillsSmart programme helps your people learn the skills that make our professors and experts so effective. SkillsSmart transforms your people into extraordinary teachers by expanding their communication and leadership skills and developing their emotional awareness.

SkillsSmart lasts two days. In addition, participants can opt to teach in one of our programmes in person or online, thereby testing their new skills and sharing their expertise with students.

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Public Speaking

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Effective Communication

Emotional Awareness

Leading Teams Through Change

Why Should your Organisation join?


This is a unique opportunity to support personal growth for your employees as they learn to be effective and empowering leaders, all with the backing of a globally recognised educational charity.

The Future

An investment in continuous learning that boosts your CSR credentials and contributes directly to upskilling the next generation with our voluntary teaching programme.


Your employees will bring back a new awareness of themselves and others in addition to work-ready, tried-and-tested communication, problem-solving and leadership skills.


“The skills the SkillsSmart teaches are those that my business, and every business, needs to compete, grow and invest in their people. I’m proud to be helping bring this project to life.



Andrew Denton, Chair of Trustees, & CEO of


“We are very excited by SkillsSmart. It matches our vision of creating valuable and lifelong learning opportunities for all; it also allows us to give something back to business, and them to us. By creating extraordinary teachers we will deliver amazing results to everyone, especially our learners around the world.”


Dr Caroline Varin, CEO of

Professors Without Borders

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